Originally from upstate New York, Joseph’s interest in Traditional Chinese traumatology (die da ke) began in 1993 while training in the Chinese martial arts. He consequently found the importance of treating soft tissue and bone injuries.

Dr. Wu and Joseph LaVine, LMT at Chengdu University 2003
Dr. Wu and Joseph LaVine, LMT at Chengdu University 2003

In 1997 he attended Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego, becoming certified in tui na bodywork. In Kunming, Yunnan China, 1999, he apprenticed with Dr. Huan Xiao Yuan, O.M.D. His extensive clinical training in traditional Chinese orthopedics, manipulation, herbology in 2003 was at the teaching hospital of Chengdu University of TCM, Sichuan China. There he treated patients under the tutelage of Dr. Wu Zuo Lian, Dr. Jiang Zhong and other faculty.

During his pilgrimage to Songshan Mountain, Henan China, he continued his research into the Shaolin arts.

As a licensed and nationally certified massage therapist, he has maintained a busy private practice since 2001 focusing on post traumatic and sports injuries using Chinese tui na massage, herbal medicine and therapeutic exercise (chi kung). His mission is to help people improve their lives by teaching and preserving the traditional Shaolin arts.

Over the years Joseph has been sought after nationally for demonstrations, lectures on kung fu, traumatology and massage as well as volunteering his time to local athletes, marathons and sporting events. He remains actively involved in researching and writing topics related to orthopedics, traumatology and bodywork. Through his mentoring and apprenticeship program, Joseph has taught Shaolin traumatology to many licensed professionals and martial artists. His lifelong association with kung fu has led to proficiency in Northern Shaolin forms and weapons having studied with teachers C. Hung Marr (Mi Zong Lohan, Hong Kong Athletic Association) Kwong Wing Lam (California) student of Yim Shang Mo, Wan Kei Ho (Hong Kong) student of Chi Kwok Chan.