Chinese Traumatology
(with Emphasis on Tui Na Medical Massage)

This two day seminar (15 hours) will cover the basics of die da ke (fall/hit) medicine. Die da ke is the incredibly effective trauma medicine used by martial artists in China for thousands of years. The methods presented will be from the Shaolin tradition. You will learn the basic theories of Die Da medicine as well as methods of treating both acute and chronic injuries with an emphasis on tui na, dian xue, chi massage and herbal methods. All techniques will be demonstrated and/or practiced by participants. This is a hands-on, how to course, perfect not only for massage therapists, practitioners of Oriental medicine, physical therapists, but also for martial artists and athletes. Certificate of completion will be issued.

Chi Kung

Chi Kung literally “the art of energy” is a general term used to refer to various arts of developing energy, or Chi, the energy that keeps all beings alive. Chi kung exercise methodically uses energy for promoting health, vitality and longevity, as well as for generating internal strength, mind training and spiritual development. Shaolin Chi Kung is one of the most comprehensive and advanced. Kung fu, Chi Kung and Chan meditation form a continuum of personal development from the physical, energetic to the spiritual. Private and group lessons are offered in several Chi Kung forms..


Upon completion of the Chinese traumatology seminar, you can make application for apprenticeship to continue training in our natural healthcare clinic. This is meant to be a complete training experience for the acupuncturist or bodyworker who wants to specialize in Chinese traumatology, orthopedic injuries and chronic pain, and needs to learn how to build and run a competitive, service-oriented practice. In order to work an assigned shift within the clinic, you must be a state licensed massage therapist, acupuncturist, physical therapist or chiropractor. Only professional, well-disciplined, and eager-to-learn applicants with a focus on compassionate patient care will be asked to continue past an initial three-month trial period. Please send a short introduction as well as a resume including all professional and educational experience, relevant continuing education courses and any martial arts or chi kung training.

Chan Buddhist Meditation

There are two aspects to learning Buddhism. The first is to emulate the Buddha’s character, spirit, compassion, wisdom and resolve. If we were to take the Buddha as are exemplar, and cultivate ourselves in accordance with his teachings, we will be able to become enlightened. The second is to study Buddhism for the sake of eliminating doubt that we have on life and existence, for Buddhism can fulfill the voids left by philosophy and science.

The highest of the Shaolin arts is to show a way to enlightenment by practicing meditation. Meditation is not an isolated practice; it must be practiced in conjunction with morality and wisdom in order to achieve optimal results. This one day seminar will present the basic teachings of the Buddha and the methods of Chan meditation which forms the core of Shaolin spiritual training.